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Gaurri A Kadam

I am here to awaken the consciousness and aligned with the divine. My purpose in life is much bigger than the costume I am wearing of Gaurri A Kadam. I accept my shadow self and evolve through the process to become
a much better version of myself. Which then allows me
to share my tools and knowledge with the people who are ready to awaken and aligned.


Life Coaching

I work together as a team with my clients in a compelling and an innovative process that will

inspire them to explore their personal and professional potential.


An energetic blueprint of your soul. A compiled collection of all memories, thoughts, traumas, beliefs, emotions and actions of all moments that you have experienced in Past, Present and Future.

Reiki /
Energy Healing

This technique helps the energy flow freely through your body and removes any blocks created. It enables relaxation, reduces pain and enhances the healing processes.


Chakra healing helps in restoring the energy flow throughout the body and enhances overall wellbeing. Through clearing the energy blocks we heal our self physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Guided Purpose

My purpose is to implement eastern philosophy in modern day world to empower both women and men and push the boundaries of the time. Enhance the consciousness of the people around me and help make a difference in the world. Help inculcate ancient techniques and modernize them so that the younger generation can implement it. I provide a spiritual approach to modern day life, so that my clients can feel a difference physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I provide a space for highest healing and transformation.



10 Week
Relationship Healing

When your relationship is in crisis, it takes one person to heal the relationship.

10 Week
Womb Healing

A guided journey into the most sacred space, To transform and heal through many traumas.

7 Week
Chakra Balancing

Chakra’s are the energy centers within the human body. “Prana” the energy of life is within them.

10 Week
Soul Transformation

Inculcating the ancient wisdom of transformation and change to tap into your fullest potential.

Dimple. B
Calgary, Canada

Gaurri is simply a spectacular person.
She is able to share her amazing gift of helping others with a lot of care and compassion.
She has been able to help me in so many profound ways. My sessions with her have
helped me heal at different levels. I definitely recommend going to her if you find yourself stuck or struggling in your life with personal and/or professional matters of contentions.

Sayali. S
New York, USA

Gaurri helped me work on my thoughts
without feeling dependent on anyone
but myself. Her sessions were always so
peaceful. She’s a great listener and
somehow always knew just the right thing
to say. I could resonate with most of her
readings of me. Thank you Gaurri, for
helping me start my journey inward

Sunakshi Shetty
Doha, Qatar

Gaurri is always radiating positive energy!
During my reading she made sure I felt comfortable and really listened to my questions. She is genuinely interested in guiding you in the right direction with your goals and helpings you understand the readings. I have learned so much only after my right reading because of her and it definitely won’t be my last! I would highly recommend Gaurri to everyone!


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All services, events, packages, information or items provided by Gaurri A Kadam are a part of a holistic treatment plan intended to awaken the consciousness and provide internal healing and growth.
These are not to take the place of any medical advice. They can be done alongside with the treatments, to
enhance the healing process. Please inform the practitioner if
you are on any medical treatments.
Thank you.

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