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Mansha Farooq
Doha, Qatar

"Gaurri is by far the best healer I've met. I was concerned with my failed marriage and love life and she made me realize that love would come to me as long as I projected love. My idea of love was corrupted as per her and she not only explained the reasons for this issue but also suggested cleansing. She performed a very comforting Akashic Records session followed by a Chakra Healing meditation and immediately after the session was complete, I felt a bliss that was not of this world. The harmony I felt was so powerful. My face looked different, I felt lighter and amazing, almost like there was I much off my shoulder. Apart of this she helped me understand why I was failing in wrong relationships and how can I could overcome loss. I feel the power of control over my life. The experience sparked the light within me, and I am forever grateful. Gaurri is gifted and her willingness to heal souls is priceless. I recommend anyone who is interested to try her out."

Nileema. S
Aukland, New Zealand

"Gaurri was recommended to me by a mutual friend and what a great recommendation it turned out to be! Although I was a little skeptical at first, I experienced my first reiki healing session through Gaurri. She was so calm and reassuring, walked me through every session with so much patience and care. My skepticism faded in no time! Gaurri equipped me with amazing lifelong tools that I can use anytime for my emotional and mental well being. She helped strengthen my soul and spirit. Healing is such a personal thing that you want someone you can trust and be comfortable with. Gaurri is just that. Thank you Gaurri!"

Edmonton, Canada

“Gaurri was god sent to me when I was experiencing some of the lowest days of my life. Her professional yet compassionate mannerism was very comforting. She went above and beyond my expectations. I had never consulted a life coach prior to meeting her. She educated me on spiritual healing, the power of meditation and the importance of self love and appreciation. Because of her teachings, I have learned to forgive in a different way and look at life in a new light. She always took the time out of her busy schedule to follow up no matter where in the world she was at the time. I’m forever grateful to have connected with her and will consult with her again if I feel the need to.”

Nish Kamat
Mumbai, Indea

“Crossing paths with Gaurri was the best thing that happened to me late last year and its only been increasingly beneficial since. Her spiritual connects, ability to assess and determine my patterns and blocks and correct them from me through a comprehensive set of meditative patterns caused a profound shift in my life. From living in fear, aggression and anger, I came to be more loving, patient, assertive and observant. My work that was previously dicey and inconsistent turned consistent and flourishing. Take this lockdown for instance. Despite it being a deterrent for most businesses, mine took off and I have been doing blessedly well ever since. Prior to meeting her, I still had shaky faith in the Universe, now its solid, strong and ever radiating. I am humbled. Thank you Gaurri for helping me activate the life I have desired for so long.”

M. Arda
Doha, Qatar

“Honestly, I felt my perspective about life has changed after my session with Gaurri. As soon as I sat with her in her lovely room, I felt seen and entered by her loving and knowing energy fields. Years of tension has dissolved in an instant and my issues felt normalized! I don't exactly understand what happened to me, but it definitely brought healing and balance back to my life. As a result, Gaurri was able to put aside all the unresolved pages in my Akashic Records. I would totally recommend trying at least one session with Gaurri if you’re looking for balance, peace and calmness through your soul.”

Rakesh Binjrajka
Hyderabad, India

“I am doing well since I had a session with Gaurri. My relationship with my close ones has improved tremendously and we are all working through things more positively. Things are going well for me here. I have spent a lot more time on social activities and I am feeling more happier with the changes in myself. I would like to thank you again for being my Life Coach and for what you have given me. It has made an impact on my life and I am still trying to improve myself day by day. I came to the stage that I had achieved what I was looking for and I am very satisfied with this.”

Oshma. S
Hyderabad, India

“I have known Gaurri since schooling, although we studied together for just one year. And we recently connected again on a spiritual level. I have been on a spiritual journey for a few years now and I felt like there where a few pieces missing, and I was skeptical to reach out to others I dint know. And just in that moment we happened to connect and talk about the things I was going through at that time and she helped me get things into perspective and we had a couple of crystal healing sessions and It was great. It’s like she exactly knows what she was doing, and I would feel lights after a session with her. Gaurri as a person is extremely humble and comforting. Her energy is radiating and her empathetic approach towards life and problems let you lower your guard and be authentic with her, which I think is a brilliant space to be in if you are on a healing journey. She helped me through guided meditation, affirmations and a few rituals that helped me in my healing journey. Energy doesn’t lie, and you’ll know it.”

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