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Gaurri A Kadam

I am here to awaken the consciousness and aligned with the divine. My purpose in life is much bigger than the costume I am wearing of Gaurri A Kadam. I accept my shadow self and evolve through the process to become
a much better version of myself. Which then allows me
to share my tools and knowledge with the people who are ready to awaken and aligned.

By implementing eastern philosophy in modern day world, I empower both women and men and push the boundaries of their time. Enhance the consciousness of the people around me and help make a difference in the world. Help inculcate ancient techniques and modernize them so that the younger generation can implement it. I provide a spiritual approach to modern day life, so that my clients can feel a difference physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I provide a space for highest healing and transformation.

I have come a long way and have never given up in the face of adversity. The challenges that I have faced in life have only made me a better person. I view my life as a blessing and I am truly grateful for it. Constantly evolving and doing what I absolutely love. Always see the good in any given situation, because my heart is in the right place.

Born in a Marathi family in a small town of Maharashtra. I have had the privilege to live in the Africa and the Middle East for most of my life. My passion for traveling allowed me to explore different cultures and communities across the globe. After years of being a rebellious child of my parents and after a challenging 1st marriage which lead to a lot of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. I then decided to take my life in a whole different direction all together.

My awakening journey allowed me to shift careers from Film Production to my dedication of helping and being of service to humanity. I went and got certified as an Executive Life Coach from the Rayner’s Institute in Canada. Then followed up by being certified in the Akashic Records and becoming a Reiki Master from Natasha Mott’s Metaphysical Academy in Canada. I have also studied Ayurveda from India.

I combine my spiritual techniques with coaching to help my clients align physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, which helps them tap into their full potential and move forward in life.


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All services, events, packages, information or items provided by Gaurri A Kadam are a part of a holistic treatment plan intended to awaken the consciousness and provide internal healing and growth.
These are not to take the place of any medical advice. They can be done alongside with the treatments, to
enhance the healing process. Please inform the practitioner if
you are on any medical treatments.
Thank you.

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