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Akashic Records

Akashic Records are an energetic blueprint of your soul

  • 1 h
  • 5,000 Indian rupees
  • Location 1

Service Description

Your Akashic Records are an energetic blueprint of your soul. A compiled collection of all memories, thoughts, experience, traumas, beliefs, emotions and actions of all moments that you have experienced in Past, Present and Future. Think of it as a massive library which will provide with answers towards all the questions your soul can ask. Edgar Cayce referred to the Akashic records like this: “Upon time and space is written the thoughts, the deeds, the activities of an entity – as in relationships to its environs, its hereditary influence; as directed – or judgment drawn by or according to what the entity's ideal is. Hence, as it has been oft called, the record is God's book of remembrance; and each entity, each soul – as the activities of a single day of an entity in the material world – either makes same good or bad or indifferent, depending upon the entity's application of self .” -- Edgar Cayce Reading 1650-1 Benefits of an Akashic Records Session: 1. Clarity of your soul purpose 2. Visit any past lives that have traumas which will be affecting your current state of life. 3. Helps in tracking and identifying unhealthy patterns, addictions and behaviors. 4. Understand your connection with your family members and your loved ones. 5. Healing a relationship which is not in your favor and releasing them with love and grace. 6. A clear understanding of where your fear, and negative beliefs sprout from. 7. Helps in gaining confidence, clarity and awareness on your soul growth.

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