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10 Week Womb Healing

A journey to clear/heal the wounds accumulated from the time of birth

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 53,000 / 10 sessions
  • Location 1

Service Description

The most sacred journey, your yoni and womb. Your womb is the center of energy, joy, compassion, creative, gravity, healing and strength. Your womb holds vast amounts of energy, it is also known as the web of life. Your womb collects the energy so that it can heal, clear and balance. Womb healing is a journey to clear and heal the many wounds that you have accumulated from the time of your birth. There are many wounds, traumas, obstacles that prevent the proper energy to flow freely within your womb. These energies can dissolve our capability, efficiency, empowerment, and creative potential. Through the process of womb healing your womb will feel more free, nurtured, nourished and you will be able to tap into your highest potential as a feminine. Through the journey of womb healing the woman can connect to the source within and truly stand in her power. Through the 10 weeks, you and I will work together as a team to clear and heal. Benefits of Womb Healing: 1. Help in curing infertility. 2. Restores creative power. 3. Complete healing. 4. Clear the reproductive system. 5. Heal the menstrual cycles. 6. Restore balance and empowerment from within. 7. Reduces stress and anxiety. Details about the session: 1. Duration: 1 hour and 30 mins. 2. 1 session per week. 3. Undivided attention and support throughout the 10 weeks. 4. Please carry your journal with you as we will have a couple of exercises. 5. Please carry a tear able notepad with you. 6. Please keep yourself hydrated post the session. Investment: ₹53000 for 1h 30 min, for 10 weeks.

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